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Consideration of deferred action for childhood arrivals

DACA is the quintessential Dreamers program and has existed since 2012. This program is based on deferred action, which is the prosecutorial discretion to defer removal or deportation action against a foreign citizen for a specified period of time.

However, this benefit does not provide legal status. This program (DACA) allows certain people who came to the United States as children, before turning 16 years of age, and who meet the established requirements, request the consideration for deferred action, which, if approved, is valid for a period of two years and can be renewed indefinitely. If approved, the applicant receives work authorization and protection against deportation for two years. DACA recipients can also apply for travel permits in special cases.

To keep in mind

Requirements for DACA petition

To apply for this benefit, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been under the age of 31 on June 15, 2012;
  • Have come to the United States before reaching your 16th birthday;
  • Have continuously lived in the United States from at least June 15, 2007 to the present;
  • Not have had any legal status on June 15, 2012.
  • Be currently in school, have graduated or obtained a certificate of completion from high school, or have obtained a General Education Development Certificate (GED).
  • Not have been convicted of a felony, a significant misdemeanor (such as DUI), or more than 3 misdemeanors.
  • Not pose a threat to national security or public safety.
  • Be over 15 years old at the time of applying for DACA, unless you are in deportation or removal proceedings or already have a deportation or removal order.

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