Defense against deportation

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Defense against deportation

A deportation process has serious consequences for the immigrant and his or her family, that is why it is very important to be represented by an experienced attorney.

Chavarro Law Firm has represented numerous individuals defending them in deportation (removal) proceedings. Deportation processes are complex and require an attorney to thoroughly investigate the immigration and criminal history of the person facing the deportation process in order to design an effective defense strategy.

In many cases, deportation can be avoided because the person qualifies for immigration relief such as adjustment of status (residency), cancellation of removal, waivers of inadmissibility or deportation, or asylum, among others.

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What should I know if I am facing a deportation case in the United States?

Defense against deportation

The deportation processes require specialized knowledge of judicial decisions in the different federal judicial circuits, as well as experience in the interpretation of laws, statutes, regulations and policies regarding immigration laws.

Consequences of a failed defense

A failed defense in deportation proceedings carries serious and severe consequences. Families can be permanently separated. Family members born in the United States may be left with the only option to leave the country with their spouse, parents or siblings who have been deported to a country with which they are not familiar. In some cases, the deported person may be barred from returning to the United States forever.

Why is it important to have an immigration attorney?

Given the seriousness of these cases, anyone facing deportation proceedings should immediately seek the help of an experienced immigration attorney to represent them in the process. If you find yourself in this situation or know someone who is, do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any questions or obtain legal representation.

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