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Permanent Residency

Residency can be obtained through various forms, such as a family petition, through employment or investment, or through a humanitarian benefit such as asylum, VAWA or U visa. The process to apply for residency can be done through an adjustment of status within the United States or through the consular processing of an immigrant visa in a US Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Citizenship and Naturalization

Lawful permanent residents of the United States can apply for US citizenship, a status that will provide them with many benefits and rights.

Investment and Employment Visas

There are various kinds of investment and employment visas, some of them grant the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in the United States while others grant the right to live temporarily in the United States while the employment or investment activity is carried out.


There are several types of waivers that allow people who have committed immigration or criminal offenses to obtain legal status in the United States. Each waiver has different rules and requirements.

Humanitarian Relief

You may be able to obtain temporary humanitarian relief depending on your particular situation. You can apply for DACA, TPS, T visa, U visa, VAWA or asylum.

Defense Against Deportation

A deportation process has serious consequences for the immigrant and his or her family, that is why it is very important to be represented by an experienced lawyer.

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We offer telephone, virtual or in-person appointments in which we analyze your case, explain your possibilities according to your specific circumstances and initiate the immigration process, if that is an option.


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Based on the information collected, and after reaching an agreement with our firm, we will handle your case in a transparent and professional way so that you can have peace of mind until your immigration process is successfully concluded.

About Us

Attorney Paola Chavarro

Paola Chavarro graduated in 2001 as a lawyer in her native Colombia and obtained her LL.M. at the University of Florida in 2005. Paola was an immigrant, went through different processes until she obtained her citizenship and experienced first-hand the stress and anguish that these processes entail.

This experience made her see the importance of obtaining humane and effective legal help and prompted her to help the immigrant community and to make this her life project. This is how she decided to focus her career on helping the immigrant population that wanted to obtain their legal status in the United States.

Prior to founding Chavarro Law Firm, LLC., Paola Chavarro worked as an immigration attorney for small and medium-sized law firms in the city of Atlanta, GA, where she not only gained valuable experience and reputation, but saw the need for an approach more personal and humane when it comes to immigration matters.

It was then that she decided to start her own firm where she can really dedicate the time necessary for each case and effectively help immigrants to stay with their families in the United States or to emigrate to this nation.

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